Shortbread App Privacy Notice

This privacy policy pertains to users of the app only.

This policy shall refer to various as parties as follows -


Shortbread collects no personally identifiable information through the app. The data which is collected or used for any means is the choice of ‘filters’ in the app.

‘Filter’ Data

‘Filters’ refer to the various groups defined by the organisation, categorising the mobile users such that they only view content and receive notifications relevant to them. These are clearly defined in the app, and users themselves decide which filters to sign up for and which to not.

This data does not personally identify any individual as each ‘filter’ represents a group for which there may be many members. This data is stored locally on the device, and sent across the network in order to retrieve information which is relevant to the user. The data is not stored anywhere else.

Notification Data

The ‘filters’ are also used to target users to be notified. Device app tokens are stored by Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging Service (FCM) which also stores the ‘filters’ each token is signed up to receive notifications for. The handling of this service and device tokens is managed entirely by Google.

‘Bulletin Notice’ Data

‘Bulletin notice’ refers to an item on the dynamic feed on the homepage of the app. These notices are created by organisation members through the website. Privileges to be able to create, update or delete notices can only be accessed through authentication. It is an organisation’s responsibility to ensure that only trusted organisation members are given access to these privileges.

‘Bulletin notice’ content may contain data which refers to individuals. If a user has a problem with this, then they can request to have the notice removed by emailing and Shortbread will process their request as quickly as we can. A user may also contact the organisation and request to have their notice removed. Shortbread is not liable for any content created by organisation members and the organisation must deal with any transgressions themselves. If a user does not wish to be personally identifiable through content on the app, then they should let the organisation know.

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